Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I will not be baking for Nov and Dec. For those days that I am away, I will not be attending to mails promptly especially in the month of Dec. Thanks for your understanding :)

Happy School Holidays to all school going boys and girls :)


Big Mickey for XR

Eventhough Xian Rui still likes Little Einsteins and his mom decided to have Mickey theme this year instead (last year's cake was Little Einsteins). Both big and normal size Mickey were freehand moulded, am not sure if I can still make the same Mickey or not... I really like how this big Mickey turns out :)

This cake was made last week, sorry for the delay in uploading. Would also like to thank Xian Rui's mom for sharing the Indonesia kuih and Lapis (they are really yummy, we all love it... eat until forgot to snap of picture of them, hehe).

Corgi Dog

Cake I made last week.....

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hello Kitty with Swan

Did Jazreel's 1st birthday cake two years ago (click link here for the picture). WP leaves the entire design to me (other than telling me party theme and cake colours). I like the overall design of this cake :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Barney & Friends - Slide & Seesaw

Last year Giselle had a Sesame theme cake (click link here for last year's cake). This year I was asked to make Barney and his two friends with a slide and a seesaw......

Father Reading to Daughter

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mickey Clubhouse for Rachel

Cake I made last week before I head back to see my parents..... Mickey, Minnie, clubhouse were all made freehand :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pink bow for Mickey Clubhouse theme

This is mixture of the cakes designs from what I did before. Top tier was from this design (click link here) whereas bottom tier is from here (click link). Was also requested to add a pink bow as top tier topper. All Mickey and friends figurines are toys provided by Chermaine's mom in advance. I find this cake sweet :)

Angry Birds for Nigiel

This design is definitely not originated from me... I was given a picture to follow as closed as possible..... The only difference is I added the numeric 7 on cake as well as extra touch on cake board (the front part with birthday wishes). The wall effect was made with many (really a lot) small balls (easy to do but time consuming). The figurines were all freehand moulded.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

SShortcake theme with Name on Strawberries

Cake size is 10"+7" two tier round cakes. Was told to have this SShortcake girl (they are many SS girls, sorry I can't remember the name), Pupcake (dog) and Custard (cat) and strawbery house. I do not have time to mould extra Longface caterpillar, berrykins and other friends like Lemon, blueberry etc. Added the swing as this is one of the thing that Isabel likes besides slide.

Wish to highlight that I DO NOT make cupcakes anymore :)

Tall Superman for Gadafi

All the details in this cake were made of fondant. The two previous cakes I made was kiddy theme (spongebob in Jan 2010 and Minnie with her pink car in Jan 2011), was trying to make the cake not so kiddy look and have the skyline as the side decor (like the skyline and moulded Superman). Take longer time than I expected to complete this. Cake size is 10" round cake.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tinkerbell with Pink Bow

Adele's mom likes the previous cake I made for Adele's brothers (click link here for the cake). All the five Tinkerbell toys were provided by Adele's mom. The rest were made from fondant. Was as to have pink and sweet theme for this cake. Hence I tried to use less green here. My daughter and me really like the big mushrooms.

Monday, September 12, 2011

McQueen and Mater in Desert

This cake is heavy... 9"+8"+5" cakes. I would like to thank "N" for taking the trouble to bring the two model cars (the two smaller McQueen and Mater on the road) to my place. It certainly helped a lot in moulding (it's a lot harder to mould by looking at picture from internet). I am really happy with the outcome of the moulded McQueen and Mater (on blue cake and on cake board). "N" leaves the entire design to me including the cake colours. He is fine with cake wastage due to carving if needed... Initially thinking of making tunnel... but have changed my plan after I received those model cars :) Overall, I am happy to see this cake.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Elmo & friends Picnic for Fabian

Cake done last week.... Something similar to what I did before with some changes to the figurines and their position (as requested).

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sculpted Bumblebee Car with Optimus Prime figurine

Bumblebee car was sculpted from 8" square cake whereas Optimus Prime was moulded from fondant... it was really stressful these few days..... Told 'S' in advance that I can only make a simplify optimus prime and with my skill I am not able to do as detailed as per the toy. This theme is not my strength.

Boy & Pirate

Last year Javier had an animal theme cake, this year requirements is very specific with the details needed.... Took me quite a while to complete the coconut tree....and I am very happy with the end result... love it!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Barney figurine NOT cake

Gabriel's dad emailed me and wanted to get a Barney cake for Gabriel's second birthday celebration (made Gabriel's Pocoyo cake last year). I feel bad that I couldn't not make it for this year, hence I offer to make this Barney figurine.... Gabriel is lucky to have his auntie to bake for him his birthday cake. Though I do not have the opportunity to see my freehand moulded figurine on someone's bakes but am happy that Gabriel is blessed to have such a nice auntie to do it for him. Nothing beat bakes out of love.....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Castle for two sisters

I can feel that we as parents always wanted to give our child the best..... "Y" kindly let me decide on castle theme cake for her daughters to celebrate their 2nd and 4th birthdays.

Initially she gave me a much smaller princesses figurines (you can see the two smaller version standing next to the numeric 2 & 4 and some of them were placed behind and side of cake which cannot be seen in this picture). Later, she take the trouble to search for bigger size princesses to give the cake a better and nicer look (I personally feel that bigger size princesses yields better result for this cake). As she has indicated her liking to this design (Kyrene's castle cake which is 10"+8" round cake whereas this cake is 8"+6"), I decided to do something similar eventhough she leave the design to me.

Note: All the princesses figurines were plastic toy provided by birthday girls' mom.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Giant 9 with NINE dogs and a girl

Looking at the cake I believe one can guess how much time I spend on this cake's moulding.... total NINE dogs to represent Letitia's age :) Am happy to see this cake when it's done eventhough many hours have put into this single tier 9" round cake.

Barney with Dog and Cat

Pardon me for the poor lighting picture.... was told that Talia likes to have Barney theme and also likes to look at animals.... added the dog and cat with duckies bathing with one of the dino :) Love the moulded cat and dog (they blend in well with Barney theme).

Tiger with Boy wearing tiger outfit

Have been really busy lately ...... Gabriel's mom requested for jungle theme for this special celebration and needed tiger, elephant and tree (the rest of animals she leaves to me to decide).... This is 10"+8" two tier round cakes.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Tigger in Big Honey Pot

Was asked to make the same background as this cake with the change in figurines' position and coverring cake board with fondant. Cake size is 8"+5" two tier round cakes

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Was told that party is at Hort Park with a lot of greenery.... this is the design I came out. Cake is 'yellow' colour with a bit of green colour added at the bottom edges and cake board, somehow it looks like lime green colour instead of yellow...

Barney & Baby Boy

10" single tier round cake.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sarah's 2D side balloons

Another cake I did last week.... last week till now was a roller coaster week for me..... rushing here and there + worries+............ I sincerely appreciate Sarah mom's understanding for change in collection venue and also thank my dear friend K for helping...... Till now, I am not able to stay focus... am sorry if I missed out some reply/accidentally deleted you emails....

Back to this cake, did it till midnight and slept for two hours and got up again to continue (as I need to rush back to see my dad....thank god he's better now). I have wrongly placed the numeric 1 on bottom tier cake instead of top tier and Sarah mom is kind to accept this. My apology for the mistake and thank you for you kindness. Am glad to hear from Sarah's mom when I came back that all are happy with the cake design and taste. Thank you.

Tigger Big Tail for Melcolm

I did similar design with green/orange/green colour earlier as requested..... had wanted to make the original blue/orange/blue colour.... (honestly if you asked me, I prefer blue and orange combination more than green and orange combi). As indicated earlier, I did not come out with the design, it was sent to me by Xarl's mom previously.... This cake was requested by Melcolm mother's friends and is a gift to Melcolm, was asked not to change anything except to add the birthday wishes (and of course the name of birthday child).

Bottom tier is a dummy (non-edible), only middle and top tiers are cakes.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

3D carved Thomas train

Did Lucius's cake last year, and was told Lucius likes 'stars'.... No special requests from Lucius's mom except for Thomas theme, stars and cake size..... I carved Thomas from 8" square cake (ie equivalent to 9" round cake size), oh btw, Lucius's mom allows me to do anything on cake (tho there will be some cake wastage due to carving)..... My first time making 3D Thomas train cake and I must admit that this cake is time consuming but I truly enjoy myself the process of making..... isn't the 3D cake looks nicer than the freehand moulded Thomas train? I'm glad that Lucius and mom like it (it means a lot to me).

Happy Birthday Lucius!

Elmo sitting on Thomas with Barney & friends

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sesame with Big Milk Bottle

9" round cake with freehand moulded figurines :)

2D Hello Kitty Shaped cake

A very busy week for me.... here's my first time carved 2D Hello Kitty Shaped cake .... was given a picture and Mia's mom said she doesn't mind a lot of cake wastage from carving as long as it looks realistic (I carved the round cake to a little oval shape to make the face more like Hello Kitty face instead of more roundish face and the body is also carved from cake.... it took me quite a while to complete the whole cake....). End result is my family likes it (thought none is Kitty fans... ). Btw, last year Mia has a Pocoyo theme cake :)

Friday, July 08, 2011

Cosmetic Bag for 50th Birthday

Jaishaan's mom emailed me and wanted a cake for her auntie to celebrate 50th birthday. She requested for numeric 50 and cake colour either light pink/light purple/yellow. The rest of the design leave to me..... I was thinking why not have a cosmetic bag to go with it, hence comes the lipstick, compact powder, pearls necklace etc......

This is one of my favourite, like the final result. Something different from the usual kiddies cake designs I used to make..... Am glad that P likes the cake and she told me that the design suits the aunt.. Am happy eventhought this week is a real busy week for me...

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Brother & sister Joint celebration (Tiger & Wiggles)

Some details were specifically requested to reflect kids' liking.... both names were on 'MINI Blocks".

Thursday, June 30, 2011


I received this email...

Hi Mommy Glad,
I would like to request a cake, carved into the pokemon snorlax who appears to be sleeping. Then on the cake add a chopper on top. both files are attached.
The birthday person is Vanessa, my awesome tablepartner.

This is the cake for Vanessa.... it was a rush cake as I had a gathering on Tuesday afternoon (have no choice but to excuse myself before it ends... so that I can rush home and complete the cake). If you notice, I missed out something on Chopper's head (big picture) which was added after my daughter pointed out). Happy to hear that Vanessa likes it. She can't bear to cut the cake and brought it home to show her family .... and guess what, she brought the 'cut cake' back to school to share with her classmates.... she is really a thoughtful kid.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ballerina Angelina Dummy cake

Making this for my friend.... it's 6" dummy with free hand moulded Ballerina Angelina on one side and the other side is a little girl with green outfit (my friend's daughter likes green....). This dummy will be placed on rotating plate which sits on top of real cake (she will make the cake and put the dummy on...). Fun to make and love how this Ballerina Angelina turns out (design of Angelina is from my idol DB)... click on picture to view bigger picture :)

Mini cake for Father's Day

A very simple design for Father's Day celebration at home :)

Calla Lily mini two tiers

A mini two tier cake 6"+4" round cakes I made for my special friend's birthday. Calla Lily are made from fondant.... one of the flower I like :) The more I look at it, the more it looks like wedding cake (hehe).