Saturday, January 20, 2007

Caste cake with baby dino

According to Josiah's mom, when she shown him the castle cake I made previously, he agreed eventho' he likes dino. What a sweet boy! This is what we agreed and I felt sorry for him as he couldn't take egg at the moment, so I hide his favourite food in the turret at least he could still get to eat something from the cake. How I wish I have a tested eggless cake recipe so that he could still enjoy the cake. I shall do some research and try out eggless recipe when time permits.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cars & Barney cakes

Had wanted to make a cake for 'L' who is a very helpful and thoughtful lady. Finally...... made these 2 cakes for her ds to celebrate his 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday Leroy! Initial plan was to make a two tier cake with 'Barney and friends' in the park but due to the recent wet weather, I've problem drying the figurines.... so I have to change plan and make a plain 6" Barney cake and make another Cars cake.
My dd commented that the Cars cake is too high (in height) and too short (in length) which I totally agree with her. However I was too 'sayang' to curve away the top of the cake.....

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sesame Street....

Sorry folks for not posting any pictures here for such a long time. Here's the cake I made for Baby Xaius to celebrate his very FIRST birthday. His mother requested for Elmo and I added some of Elmo's friends to the cake.