Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Very First Kungfu Panda theme cake

Remember there is a scene in the movie where Master Wugui talked to Shifu at the rock mountain and he later disappeared?  Having that in mind and recall there was a tree... ta-da, this is what I came out with for this Kungfu Panda theme cake for Angus 

Angus mom provided the Panda.  She left the overall design to me, cake size is 10"+6" round cakes (I carved the cake to rock shape and slope as F left it to me to do anything I deem is fit for the design).  After I received the Panda (glad that she gave me much earlier as the Panda toy was not able to stand on its own), and I added the freehand moulded Tigress and Shifu.  Love how the moulded figurines especially Tigress and the tree.  This is my first experience in moulding this theme figurines and coincidentally Angus's previous cake was also my first time moulding for Handy Mandy theme (click link here to view the previous cake picture). 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Barney with Mushrooms

Last year Tricia had a 'Sweet Pink Elmo cake' (click link here to view the picture), this year Tricia's mom requested for Barney theme cake.  She leaves the design to me and mentioned that the cake need not be round shape (meaning I can do anything I feel is fit for the design).  I tried to have the cake colour requested though she did say that leave that to me too :)  Carving cake required more time to do, and more chocolate ganache and fondant needed..... that's why generally it will costs higher for carved/sculptured cakes.

Back to this cake, I got to see Tricia the sweet little girl again.... Happy Birthday Tricia!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Barney for Gloria

Met Gloria and she pointed at the cake and said 'Barney!'.  Am really happy that she can recognise the characters (it means a lot to me and confirm I didn't fail in making them, hehe)..... Gloria is such a cute and pretty girl.  Thanks for making my day girl :)  Hope you have great time in school.  Happy Birthday!!!