Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jungle cake with Elmo driving....

Wonder why Elmo and the pink dog with the duckies appear in jungle.... they must be wondering around till they got lost (was requested to add them in.....) but have added extra animals tho'.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pooh with Darby and friends

Julianne's mom likes this cake that I made sometime back (click on the link to view the earlier cake).... and I told her I will try to do as closed as possible. She also requested for Darby (and thank god, she attach a picture of Darby in her email, which really helps a lot as I do not know who this Darby is... thank you). Have added the pink flowers behind to add a little touch for girl's cake. The empty space in front of the honey pot is 'reserved' for her No 3 candle.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

PM with Bear Friends

A cake that I enjoy myself throughout the whole making process despite the long hours I put in to add cut out fence for both top and bottom tiers (cake size is 10"+6"), make the little tiny bears on name (I am really pleased with how this turned out) and the rest of details. Nothing much was requested by Olivia's mom, she just told me she leave everything to me to decide (from the colour of cake to the overall design) but with only one small request, ie to have ONE bear (and she briefly mentioned my previous PM cake with a Pooh bear... that's why a Pooh bear is on top tier driving a mini car). I guess I was carried away when making this and added those tiny tiny bears on the alphabets (they are really tiny and I find them 'cute'). Olivia is really a pretty and cute girl.

Mickey & Minnie with presents

Isaac's mom wanted something similar to what I had done before with light blue background and clouds. She suggested to have presents to go with both Ms and have 2D birthday wishes placed on top of cake. This cake is 10" round cake. To make the Mickey & Minnie faces like this (especially the muzzle part) I need hours to complete. One of my friend suggested, simplified it will surely cut short the moulding time....but I really wish to make it as closed as possible (challenging myself, haha).

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mickey clubhouse

I modified Mickey clubhouse cake design from internet (many has done something like this before.... I really wish to thank the first person who came out with this brilliant way of making mickey clubhouse design, fantastic idea!). To make it looks a bit like in the park, I have added some trees behind the mickey & minnie. All the little tiny mickey & friends figurines were provided by Vladen's mom (am glad that I get to make Vladen's cake as I did his older's brother's first birthday cake too). Thank you :)

Happy Birthday Vladen and enjoy your party tomorrow!

Btw, I will be away tomorrow morning and will not be attending to mails during my absent, sorry for that.