Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Melody for Pretty Vanessa

This morning Vanessa and parents came over to collect this cake.  She is really pretty and cheerful.  Love her big big eyes.  Last year her cake theme was Carebear and Doreamon ^.^

Btw this cake is 7" round (don't normally make this size, it's for family celebration).

Am glad to receive this 'Happy Family' picture from Vanessa's mom (posted the picture here with her consent, thank you). See the sweet pretty girl who asked me to take care (only 2 y.old kid), hehe.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dual Celebrations with Giant Cupcake, Popcorn and Cake

This cake was made last week and I accidentally deleted my whole album (pictures all gone).  I only left with these two pictures from another hp (better than none).  Cake size is equivalent to 8"+5" round cakes. Specially made for Sarah (for her full month celebration with Minnie's milk bottle & pacifier) and elder brother Joshua (for his second birthday with Mickey but I have no time to mould toy for him).

Picture below was taken before the finishing touch ..... can you spot the different ^.^

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Animals Safari for Elliot

Animals Safari theme cake for Elliot's first birthday celebration last week......

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3D Sculpted Jason's Golf Bag

This was made the week before for 50th Birthday celebration.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yellow Lego Racing Car

Every year I get excited to make Lucius's cake.... For the past years Lucius had Ferris Wheel and KaiLan theme (3rd birthday); 3D Carved Thomas cake (2nd birthday); Safari theme (1st birthday).  This year Lucius's mum said he is into Lego blocks and she also requested for any type of yellow car since Lucius likes his yellow car.  I was thinking since I am making Lego theme, why not make a Lego yellow car.... am glad I did that.... Lucius brought along his yellow car which coincidentally very similar to the one I made (extra joys).

Mia's Castle theme with Pretty Princesses

This cake is really 'heavy' 10"+8" two tier round cakes.  Mia's mom provided the princesses toys, so far these are the nicest princesses I seen (like them all).  I will usually refer to previous cakes I made for birthday child so that I will not do something similar again;  for this cake I don't need to as J wanted something similar to the Kyrene's castle cake with minor changes (added a carriage and the position of the princesses are not same).  Here are the link to Mia's previous cake (click on the title for the link), 2D Hello Kitty Shaped cake and Pocoyo theme

This picture was sent by Mia's mum.  Posted with her permission :)  Thank you J.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Barney & Friends with Extra Friends on Big Heart

A cake I made last week.  I love the Daisy Duck with her 3D eyelashes.  Cake size is 9" single tier round cake.