Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jungle theme for Sujan

Sujan's mom informed me what are the animals must have on cake and the rest is up to me to do tho' she did refer to the previous two jungle theme cakes that she likes. Here's the jungle theme for Sujan. First time making Rhino (kind of fun, looks easy but it takes a while to make it). Love the way this Giraffe turns out and of all I love the TREE most. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dolphin with Pooh

Sorry for the delay in uploading the picture.... this was done last weekends but am really busy lately. Asher's mom leave the whole design to me with only cake theme and cake size (from the emails I understand that Asher likes 'fish'), that's how the Dolphin joined in the party. Glad to hear that they like the cake :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kyrene's castle cake

This is 10"+8" two tier round cakes. Initial plan was with four turrets as the cake was in smaller size, with the bigger size cake (upsized), feel that it will be more grand to have more turrets and hence I've added two more extra to it. Those princesses and No 1 candle were provided by Kyrene's mom. Colour theme is pink and white.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thomas with moo moo

Kieran's mom leave the whole design to me, all I was told is to have thomas theme cake with 10"+6" two tier round cakes. Added the cows in as Kieran is born in year of cow (thank god that I asked her, else I would probably live in last year thinking one y.old now is 'rat'). I admit that I like the dancing cows myself :)

Pettiskirt girl

I understand from Zervelle's mom she likes the daisy flowers I made before with bow and she wanted to have a girl figurine wearing the pettiskirt (which will be her costume for the party) and with stars popping out. On last minutes requests after the cake was decorated, baby rabbit and a catterpillar were added to accompany the girl, sorry no photo of that to show (updated with photo from Zervelle's mom, thank you).

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Minnie & Mickey dual celebrations

Judging from this picture, I know that I need to brush up on my photograph skill..... I blocked all the natural lighting when taking the picture .....

This is for dual celebrations where Jaelyn is turning ONE and Jayden is turning THREE this year. I like Pluto dog's position, he's so relax and taking his nap (sorry no closed up picture for him). All the figurines here were free hand moulded (I've got some enquiries on the figurines, hope this clear some of your doubts on figurines ....).

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I am temporary not able to attend to new enquiries due to personal matter to attend. My apologies for not able to reply your mails promptly.

Sunny sunny Day!

Lately the weather has becoming really really HOT. Here comes the BIG SUN for Nicholas to celebrate with his POOH friends. His mom indicated her liking on two cakes I made before and leave the design to me. From there I conclude that she likes clouds and stars.... Btw, I realise that something is missing from Mr Sun after I took this picture, have added the missing nose for him (hehe) before collection.

Pooh clinging on tree trunk

Wish to thank Ryan's mom for her trust to let me decide on what to do with this POOH theme cake. I must admit that my whole family, my brother and sister love this Pooh on tree trunk. I simply likes him clinging on the tree. Thank you SL and thanks for the feedback too :)

Chloe's Pooh with Kanga & friends

Chloe's mom likes the big honey pot cake I did before and she wanted Pooh and Tigger with another two more figurines of my own choice. I added Kanga in. Design wise, nothing new. Am glad that they like it :)