Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pink bow for Mickey Clubhouse theme

This is mixture of the cakes designs from what I did before. Top tier was from this design (click link here) whereas bottom tier is from here (click link). Was also requested to add a pink bow as top tier topper. All Mickey and friends figurines are toys provided by Chermaine's mom in advance. I find this cake sweet :)

Angry Birds for Nigiel

This design is definitely not originated from me... I was given a picture to follow as closed as possible..... The only difference is I added the numeric 7 on cake as well as extra touch on cake board (the front part with birthday wishes). The wall effect was made with many (really a lot) small balls (easy to do but time consuming). The figurines were all freehand moulded.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

SShortcake theme with Name on Strawberries

Cake size is 10"+7" two tier round cakes. Was told to have this SShortcake girl (they are many SS girls, sorry I can't remember the name), Pupcake (dog) and Custard (cat) and strawbery house. I do not have time to mould extra Longface caterpillar, berrykins and other friends like Lemon, blueberry etc. Added the swing as this is one of the thing that Isabel likes besides slide.

Wish to highlight that I DO NOT make cupcakes anymore :)

Tall Superman for Gadafi

All the details in this cake were made of fondant. The two previous cakes I made was kiddy theme (spongebob in Jan 2010 and Minnie with her pink car in Jan 2011), was trying to make the cake not so kiddy look and have the skyline as the side decor (like the skyline and moulded Superman). Take longer time than I expected to complete this. Cake size is 10" round cake.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tinkerbell with Pink Bow

Adele's mom likes the previous cake I made for Adele's brothers (click link here for the cake). All the five Tinkerbell toys were provided by Adele's mom. The rest were made from fondant. Was as to have pink and sweet theme for this cake. Hence I tried to use less green here. My daughter and me really like the big mushrooms.

Monday, September 12, 2011

McQueen and Mater in Desert

This cake is heavy... 9"+8"+5" cakes. I would like to thank "N" for taking the trouble to bring the two model cars (the two smaller McQueen and Mater on the road) to my place. It certainly helped a lot in moulding (it's a lot harder to mould by looking at picture from internet). I am really happy with the outcome of the moulded McQueen and Mater (on blue cake and on cake board). "N" leaves the entire design to me including the cake colours. He is fine with cake wastage due to carving if needed... Initially thinking of making tunnel... but have changed my plan after I received those model cars :) Overall, I am happy to see this cake.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Elmo & friends Picnic for Fabian

Cake done last week.... Something similar to what I did before with some changes to the figurines and their position (as requested).