Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stacked up Presents cake for Gabriel

I was not able to made Gabriel's cake last year due to other cake commitments, instead I made a moulded Barney for Gabriel's auntie to put on the cake (Gabriel's dad told me that the auntie agreed to make the cake  later on), click here for the moulded Barney picture.  Click here for Gabriel's 1 year old cake with Pocoyo theme (link to the cake).

This year I received email from Gabriel's dad few months ago and he told me those characters Gabriel likes .... I have invested many hours in preparing this cake, time spent is well worth it as I myself like this cake very very much especially the Buzz lightyear and Woody (my first time making them...very pleased with the outcome).

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Barney's Friends Swimming in the Sea

Last year Talia had Barney theme for her birthday (click here to view last year's cake picture).  This year I was asked to make same Barney theme as Talia likes Barney very much.... I also noted that Talia likes swimming. Cake size is equivalent to 8"+6" round cakes (instead of made the cake round shapes, I carved the cake and made buckets using cake since Talia's mom leave design as well as cake colour to me....).