Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Tried out my new toy (gum paste flowers making tools), made some little flowers from it. With the help of the tools, it's so much easier and the final products are so even unlike making free-hand. So glad that dh got this for me... thank you.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Grand Piano Cake

Made this cake for my daughter's piano teacher for teacher's day celebration. Initially plan to make it only next Thursday and intended to make the piano using fondant. However, baking mood just strike on me.... due to last minute change of decision and if I were to make the piano with fondant, it will definately not dry within one day, so I make it with styrofoam instead. Lucky I have my daughter to help me with the detailed of a grand piano. She really helps me a lot to produce this final product, thank you ZR for your helps.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Royal Icing Butterflies cake

This is my first time using royal icing, not as difficult as I thought. I made the butterflies wings and let them dry overnight. The next day I make the body and attached the wings to it. The following day, I got all these butterflies done, pretty easy. In this cake, I only wanted white, yellow and green, hence came out with white fondant flowers to go with it.

Dragon Head

Knowing my son loves dragon and his birthday is getting closer, I tried to make it using fondant. Have attempted several times making dragon / dragon character in the book titled 'Eldest' and I failed all. Thinking that this round I'll pass (have yet to make its' body) but I'm wrong.... Guess I'm just not cut to make dragon, it's too tough for me.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My lovely penguins

These penguins were done sometime back with the help of my children and hubby (thanks for their inputs and patient with me). One of my favourite figurines but didn't get the chance to put them on cake. One of this day I'll make them again and will let them be where they are supposed to be (either with an igloo or ....).

Girl reading alone....

Friday, August 18, 2006

Flower cake with stripes

Handbag and shoe cake

Handbag is lychee cake covered with whipped cream. Shoe is made from fondant.

Love birds

This is specially for my sister's birthday.

Lapis cake

Tea party

Tea set, cake, flower and table cloth were made from fondant. Below table cloth is walnut cake.

Mice with cheese

Mice with cheese with a "Thank you" (ie TQ) note.

Tiramisu cake again

Butterflies with star

Relax... time for spa

Time to relax after a long tired day....

42 yo cake

For someone's 42 year old birthday celebration.


Made these cupcakes for my ZR (my daughter) to bring to her classmate's house during school holiday.

School Robotic Club fundraising

Made brownies for ZH's school robotic club fund raising.
Made some maple story (online game) figurines to go with the brownies. Some of them were made by ZH (my son).


Bugs in the air

I like the bugs so much that I made another bugs cake. The bugs' colour is so bright that it brighten my day too.

Lady bugs with sun flowers

My first paid cake for mother day. Thank you to my friend A's daughter.

Baby in wooden tub


Easter cupcakes

Easter bunny cake

Duckie cupcake

Maple Story cake

Lately kids are crazy over Maple Story online game and here's what I made for my daughter's classmate. The kids loved it.

A simple cake for valentine's day

A very simple blueberry cake to celebrate valentine's day with family this year (oppsss the date printed on the photo was not right!!).

Doll Cakes

Made this blue doll cake for neighbour's daughter. Something very simple.

This 'pink doll cake' was done in April.