Thursday, June 30, 2011


I received this email...

Hi Mommy Glad,
I would like to request a cake, carved into the pokemon snorlax who appears to be sleeping. Then on the cake add a chopper on top. both files are attached.
The birthday person is Vanessa, my awesome tablepartner.

This is the cake for Vanessa.... it was a rush cake as I had a gathering on Tuesday afternoon (have no choice but to excuse myself before it ends... so that I can rush home and complete the cake). If you notice, I missed out something on Chopper's head (big picture) which was added after my daughter pointed out). Happy to hear that Vanessa likes it. She can't bear to cut the cake and brought it home to show her family .... and guess what, she brought the 'cut cake' back to school to share with her classmates.... she is really a thoughtful kid.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ballerina Angelina Dummy cake

Making this for my friend.... it's 6" dummy with free hand moulded Ballerina Angelina on one side and the other side is a little girl with green outfit (my friend's daughter likes green....). This dummy will be placed on rotating plate which sits on top of real cake (she will make the cake and put the dummy on...). Fun to make and love how this Ballerina Angelina turns out (design of Angelina is from my idol DB)... click on picture to view bigger picture :)

Mini cake for Father's Day

A very simple design for Father's Day celebration at home :)

Calla Lily mini two tiers

A mini two tier cake 6"+4" round cakes I made for my special friend's birthday. Calla Lily are made from fondant.... one of the flower I like :) The more I look at it, the more it looks like wedding cake (hehe).

Tiffany box

Cake cut from 8" square cake equivalent to form two boxes stacked up together..... love the blue colour :) Red velvet cake flavour :)

Sunday, June 05, 2011


I am sorry for that may not be able to reply all the mails I received... will be away for more than a week and may not be able to attend to mails promptly. Pls bear with me.... Thanks very much for your patient.

Sculpted 3D Strawberry house for Gabby

My last cake before I'm off.... Am really happy how this cake turns out. This is the forth cake I made for Gabby (1st cake, 2nd cake, 3rd cake... pls click link here to view the previous cake). Gabby's mom likes the 100 acre wood's colour (did that for bottom tier 9" cake). Strawberry house was carved from 7" equivalent round cake. I put in a lot of time on this cake and also I am really happy with how the strawberry shortcake girl turns out, my best ever human moulding thus far.....