Friday, March 21, 2008

"Will you .....Marry Me?"

Updates on the outcome............ :)

Hip hip hooray! YES, YES, YES! "G" shares this piece of GOOD news with me on Sunday. I'm happy for him. Cheers everyone!

When G told me the idea of the cake, I was so excited.... (not that I'm the one, it's the idea that make me feel excited..... He's indeed a romantic guy). Have to abolish the plan of making Precious Moment as my standard is still not there yet. There is a story why a princess and bee are here.... sorry no further details on story here. The bee hive is for G to place the real RING (hopefully the concept can work and can hold the ring). I sincerely wish G "Good Luck!"

With all the practice, I think I improve in moulding human figure a little (and there is still room for improvement which I will try to do better next time....). I wasn't quite happy with the first princess moulded, I made again and the one you see in the picture is the improved version (I didn't re-do the body as I'm happy with the original one). Also made a bigger version of bee :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


A cake for my special friend

The little girl is supposed to be Precious Moment but my standard is still not there yet (now she turns out to be 'little girl' instead, I still need more and more practice....). Initial plan for this cake was without any figurine on the cake but....... "L" guess you understand.

Kim's Gorilla and friends

Am sorry that my photography skill is not very good in capturing Gorilla (he's the main STAR for this cake). Thanks G for taking the trouble to email me feedback on this cake, I truly appreciate it.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Racing car

8" square cake finished with whipping cream. Number 2 is thin layer of sugar paste.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pink Bow and Daisy

I'm free to do whatever I like, what I need to provide is something sweet, have rabbit (special request) and fairy. Here's what I came out with, a little fairy, a small rabbit got stuck in the log, also added a big pink bow at the bottom of cake. It's a 9" + 6" two tier cake covered with sugar paste. Am glad that both mummy and daughter like the cake :)

Pokemon cake

When M told me about Pokemon cake, first thing come in my mind is "Pikachu" .... (but I was wrong), and yellow wording on blue background (I'm seriously not familiar with those new characters....). Got pictures of Piplup (in blue closer to alphabet N), Chingling (centre) and Starly (closer to letter R) from internet and started moulding them. My daughter was telling me that Chingling does not have the black 'dot' at both side of his/her mouth (but the picture shows with them.....I'm confused!). Nonetheless, I still hope that Ryan likes this cake.