Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grand Piano

Was asked to make a white Grand Piano.... am glad that Lionel likes it (:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Spongebob for Fatimah

Spongebob is showing his two fingers (represents Fatimah's age: 2). After I've done the cake, was wondering why my squidward looks weird....oh no his nose is missing (realised it only after I took the picture). Phew! Immediately I added the nose for him and now he looks more like squidward in this new picture. Guess age is catching up or is it because I woke up very early to start preparing the cake....

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Roses - 10th Anniversary cake

Congratulations Desh & Parveen on your 10th Anniversary! Am so happy when P approached me again to do the cake (sorry that not able to make your 'HANDSOME' boy's cake (yes, he is really handsome... he has a handsome dad and a pretty mum)... am really glad that P brought Jaishaan here to collect the cake. I will surely like to make his cake this year if I'm not away during his party.

Initial plan was having a three tier cakes and due to some changes, had it in 10"+8" two tier cakes instead. Was trying to make the colour as closed as the previous ROM cake I made. I sincerely appreciate your effort in coming earlier to collect the cake (Thank you!).

Barney theme for Gladis

Thank you M for accommodating the collection time. Oh yes, I improved in moulding Barney (horray!).

Doreamon theme

This cake is heavy.... 10"+8" two tier round cakes. I really like the final result of this cake. Trying to make both the topper cake and real cake resemble each other. Was thinking that a 2 y/old will probably love to have lollipop and ice-creams... love the effect of icecream at the side of the cakes. Like the name pattern too.... in short, I like this design.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Sheeps family

An 8" single tier cake for Ler En and her papa (CK... notice the name formed by pebbles...). Was asked to have Ler En's name at the side of the cake.

Pooh & Piglet in cloud 9

I enjoy making this cake. Jovinia's mom P let me design the cake (all she told me was Pooh theme with one tier light pink and another tier any colour.... from the previous emails). I notice that she did mention the cake I made which has cloud on it.... hence I made the clouds for Jovinia :)

Elmo Picnic for Kayla

Kayla's mom requested for Picnic cake which I did sometime back but with some modifications as requested....