Monday, September 12, 2011

McQueen and Mater in Desert

This cake is heavy... 9"+8"+5" cakes. I would like to thank "N" for taking the trouble to bring the two model cars (the two smaller McQueen and Mater on the road) to my place. It certainly helped a lot in moulding (it's a lot harder to mould by looking at picture from internet). I am really happy with the outcome of the moulded McQueen and Mater (on blue cake and on cake board). "N" leaves the entire design to me including the cake colours. He is fine with cake wastage due to carving if needed... Initially thinking of making tunnel... but have changed my plan after I received those model cars :) Overall, I am happy to see this cake.


ndm027 said...

Dear Glad,

"N" here! Just wanted to say how pleased we were with the cake. Daniel's birthday party was a huge success yesterday and the cake was the highlight for everyone! It looked absolutely fantastic and tasted even better! The kids could barely keep their hands off it, and when Daniel first saw it he gasped and said "Wow, it's amazing!".

Everyone, parents included, had a good serving (the 15 kids wouldn't touch their mains until they'd tried the cake!), and yet the entire bottom tier was still untouched. That is now in the freezer to be kept for my birthday at the end of the month!

All that is left to say is 'thanks a million' for all your effort and wonderful skills. The birthday cake bar has been set very high now, and we will definitely be back for more next year! And don't be surprised if some of the other parents at the party get in touch with their own requests - everyone was very impressed with your handiwork.

Take care and thanks again.

Neil, June and Daniel

Glad said...

Thank you Neil, June and Daniel. I am glad that all of you enjoy the party. I appreciate your trust to leave the entire design to me and thanks once again for the model cars, it certainly helped a lot in moulding :)