Sunday, August 21, 2011

Castle for two sisters

I can feel that we as parents always wanted to give our child the best..... "Y" kindly let me decide on castle theme cake for her daughters to celebrate their 2nd and 4th birthdays.

Initially she gave me a much smaller princesses figurines (you can see the two smaller version standing next to the numeric 2 & 4 and some of them were placed behind and side of cake which cannot be seen in this picture). Later, she take the trouble to search for bigger size princesses to give the cake a better and nicer look (I personally feel that bigger size princesses yields better result for this cake). As she has indicated her liking to this design (Kyrene's castle cake which is 10"+8" round cake whereas this cake is 8"+6"), I decided to do something similar eventhough she leave the design to me.

Note: All the princesses figurines were plastic toy provided by birthday girls' mom.


VOnO said...

THanks Glad. Love the cake, taste real good too :) My guests goes WOW when they see the cakes. The trouble to find the bigger figurines is worth it after all!

Glad said...

Thanks to you too for your trust to leave everything to me. Is those bigger princesses figurines give the 'extra power' to this cake. Your daughters got to thank you for your hard work, hehe!