Monday, March 28, 2011

Tigger cake for Xarl

Xarl's mom is very specific on what she wanted. She gave me picture of cake design she wanted (right hand side blue/orange/blue cake). Was asked to change blue colour to this green and change the tigger (there's another tigger picture given) and add the wavy white clouds and two green fishes. Honestly I was worry of the colour combination and glad that it turns out better than I expected. Would really love to try out this design with original blue/orange/blue colours as I have fallen in love with this design. Thanks to Xarl's mom for providing the source picture and the person who made Sem's cake. Thank you. Not forgetting to thank my buddy 'S' sister for the square cutter (it helps a lot in making this cake). A big THANK YOU to all of you. Btw, the bottom tier was not cake, it was a 'dummy' :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baby Minnie, Princess & Baby Sesame

Was asked to do something similar to the cake I made before (click link here) with some changes to the figurines position and add the little princess as well as Baby Minnie (she is bigger size than the rest normal size figurines I used to make).

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Barney & friends in Orange Mushroom Land

Zi Shan' mom mentioned that she likes orange, pink and purple colours. The rest of the design she leaves to me (thank you for your trust). Here's the mushroom land for Barney and friends.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Update on 23.03.2011

I am trying to reply all mails and sorry if I take a while to reply yours.... Thanks for your patient.

Dear all,

I have encountered some problem with my emails and tend to get bounce back mails with 'failure notice'. If you did not receive my reply, appreciate if you could forward you earlier mail again and I shall try to attend to it asap.

Btw, I will be away from 12th March to next weekend and will not be attending to mails during my absent. Thank you for your understanding :)

Golfer Dad

As I'm not a golfer myself, I did not realised that I've made the clubs for left handed golfers (until I was pointed out) and I need to improve in making clubs.... Yes to me, there's no rules in playing golf, since it's short by 'mm' for the golf ball to enter last hole (No 18), I am letting the golfer to push it in with his finger instead (lol). Golfers out there, please do not jump up! Relax, it's just for fun....

Monday, March 07, 2011

Sesame Driving....

Hornnnnnnnnnn.............. Give way, give way, Sesame team of members are driving. As usual cookie monster is busy with eating his cookies. Cake size is 10"+6" two tier round cakes. For smaller size cake, cars will be smaller :)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Humpback whale, Dory and Nemo

I was searching from internet for whale's picture in Nemo movie... oh boy, hardly any (spent hours in looking for it). In the end, I decided to use Humpback whale as a guide to mould it.... hip hip hooray, am really happy to see how the whale turns out with his blowhole (I think can't see it clearly in my picture) and different shade of colour for it's body. Since Dory and whale to be the main characters, hence Nemo is left swimming behind Dory :)

Happy Birthday in advance Joel!