Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hi everyone!

Wishing all of you a very Happy NIU Year, may year of moo moo brings Good Health to all of us! Thank you for all your supports and encouragements!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

No 1 shaped cake - Pooh & friends in train

No 1 shaped cake was carved from 8" + 6" square cakes. Needed quite a lot of time to mould all the figurines, train, carrige and presents (especially during this time when I'm busy with my other stuffs....)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fire Truck

Fire Truck cake for Ryan to celebrate his 5th Birthday!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

PM 10th Anniversary cake

Precious Moment figurine was provided by Linda. The more I look at them, the more I like PMoment figurine.