Friday, July 29, 2011

Sarah's 2D side balloons

Another cake I did last week.... last week till now was a roller coaster week for me..... rushing here and there + worries+............ I sincerely appreciate Sarah mom's understanding for change in collection venue and also thank my dear friend K for helping...... Till now, I am not able to stay focus... am sorry if I missed out some reply/accidentally deleted you emails....

Back to this cake, did it till midnight and slept for two hours and got up again to continue (as I need to rush back to see my dad....thank god he's better now). I have wrongly placed the numeric 1 on bottom tier cake instead of top tier and Sarah mom is kind to accept this. My apology for the mistake and thank you for you kindness. Am glad to hear from Sarah's mom when I came back that all are happy with the cake design and taste. Thank you.

Tigger Big Tail for Melcolm

I did similar design with green/orange/green colour earlier as requested..... had wanted to make the original blue/orange/blue colour.... (honestly if you asked me, I prefer blue and orange combination more than green and orange combi). As indicated earlier, I did not come out with the design, it was sent to me by Xarl's mom previously.... This cake was requested by Melcolm mother's friends and is a gift to Melcolm, was asked not to change anything except to add the birthday wishes (and of course the name of birthday child).

Bottom tier is a dummy (non-edible), only middle and top tiers are cakes.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

3D carved Thomas train

Did Lucius's cake last year, and was told Lucius likes 'stars'.... No special requests from Lucius's mom except for Thomas theme, stars and cake size..... I carved Thomas from 8" square cake (ie equivalent to 9" round cake size), oh btw, Lucius's mom allows me to do anything on cake (tho there will be some cake wastage due to carving)..... My first time making 3D Thomas train cake and I must admit that this cake is time consuming but I truly enjoy myself the process of making..... isn't the 3D cake looks nicer than the freehand moulded Thomas train? I'm glad that Lucius and mom like it (it means a lot to me).

Happy Birthday Lucius!

Elmo sitting on Thomas with Barney & friends

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sesame with Big Milk Bottle

9" round cake with freehand moulded figurines :)

2D Hello Kitty Shaped cake

A very busy week for me.... here's my first time carved 2D Hello Kitty Shaped cake .... was given a picture and Mia's mom said she doesn't mind a lot of cake wastage from carving as long as it looks realistic (I carved the round cake to a little oval shape to make the face more like Hello Kitty face instead of more roundish face and the body is also carved from cake.... it took me quite a while to complete the whole cake....). End result is my family likes it (thought none is Kitty fans... ). Btw, last year Mia has a Pocoyo theme cake :)

Friday, July 08, 2011

Cosmetic Bag for 50th Birthday

Jaishaan's mom emailed me and wanted a cake for her auntie to celebrate 50th birthday. She requested for numeric 50 and cake colour either light pink/light purple/yellow. The rest of the design leave to me..... I was thinking why not have a cosmetic bag to go with it, hence comes the lipstick, compact powder, pearls necklace etc......

This is one of my favourite, like the final result. Something different from the usual kiddies cake designs I used to make..... Am glad that P likes the cake and she told me that the design suits the aunt.. Am happy eventhought this week is a real busy week for me...

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Brother & sister Joint celebration (Tiger & Wiggles)

Some details were specifically requested to reflect kids' liking.... both names were on 'MINI Blocks".