Friday, July 29, 2011

Sarah's 2D side balloons

Another cake I did last week.... last week till now was a roller coaster week for me..... rushing here and there + worries+............ I sincerely appreciate Sarah mom's understanding for change in collection venue and also thank my dear friend K for helping...... Till now, I am not able to stay focus... am sorry if I missed out some reply/accidentally deleted you emails....

Back to this cake, did it till midnight and slept for two hours and got up again to continue (as I need to rush back to see my dad....thank god he's better now). I have wrongly placed the numeric 1 on bottom tier cake instead of top tier and Sarah mom is kind to accept this. My apology for the mistake and thank you for you kindness. Am glad to hear from Sarah's mom when I came back that all are happy with the cake design and taste. Thank you.


Sarah Mom said...

Hi Glad,

Really happy that you made such a lovely cake for my girl! Thank U!
A lot of my guests were taking pics of the beautiful pooh cake and inquired where I ordered from. :D


Glad said...

Hi Angela. Thanks for taking your time to post here... it's really a great rewards to me for making the cake.... Thank you. I am really thankful for your great understanding for the last minute change in collection venue. Thank you.