Thursday, June 30, 2011


I received this email...

Hi Mommy Glad,
I would like to request a cake, carved into the pokemon snorlax who appears to be sleeping. Then on the cake add a chopper on top. both files are attached.
The birthday person is Vanessa, my awesome tablepartner.

This is the cake for Vanessa.... it was a rush cake as I had a gathering on Tuesday afternoon (have no choice but to excuse myself before it ends... so that I can rush home and complete the cake). If you notice, I missed out something on Chopper's head (big picture) which was added after my daughter pointed out). Happy to hear that Vanessa likes it. She can't bear to cut the cake and brought it home to show her family .... and guess what, she brought the 'cut cake' back to school to share with her classmates.... she is really a thoughtful kid.

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