Friday, January 22, 2010

Spongebob for Fatimah

Spongebob is showing his two fingers (represents Fatimah's age: 2). After I've done the cake, was wondering why my squidward looks weird....oh no his nose is missing (realised it only after I took the picture). Phew! Immediately I added the nose for him and now he looks more like squidward in this new picture. Guess age is catching up or is it because I woke up very early to start preparing the cake....

4 comments: said...

hi glad ,

i was wondering how much this cake is and wether you could do something similar (like a bit more plain and no blue food colouring ) . plus is it also possible to do his cake for the 24th of april ?

thanks ,

Glad said...

Hi ffion. Variation can be made on this but sorry to say that am not available on 24th April. Thank you.

hoG said...

Hi glad,

Is it possible to get do the cakes (Thomas & friends & Spongebob)by 15 May 10?

A simple one will do.


Glad said...

Hi hoG. Sorry I'm not available on 15.05.2010. Thanks for asking :)