Friday, September 08, 2006

ZH's birthday cake

Today is ZH's birthday, made an ice-cream cake for him (as requested). Besides dragon, he likes penguins (so do I), so here's the penguins ice-cream cake to celebrate his actual birthday.


Biow said...

ur ZH is 11yo? i notice there are 11 penguins.. :P

btw, where do u get the black coloring? PH?.. how many g of sugar icing u use to make this number of penguins? ur cake also covered with sugar paste or u just use cream? i like the hole with "water".. :P..

Biow said...

eh, glad.. u din't post ur DH golf cake? post that leh.. i want to save on my hdd.. :P

gladcake said...

Hi Biow,

Yes you are right, ds is 11 yo. I used Wilton's black colour fr PH. Never weight how many 'g' I used, cake covered by whipped cream.

Will email you golf cake pix.

Sweet-tots said...

Hi! Those penguins look so cute and lively. Seems to be having lots of fun too. Good job!