Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Last minute

This morning received an sms .... after sending my kids to school, I started baking cake and gosh after the cake was in oven baking for about 10 minutes, then I realised that I didn't put butter in my cake!!! There it goes my cake.... Bought somemore fresh eggs and start baking again before my kids come back from school. In the afternoon when the kids are home, I started decorating as I needed it ready by evening. Since this is a last minute cake and I have no spare time to wait for the sugar paste to dry, so just put the circles on the cake.

Phew! Today is really a tired day for me, rushing here and there ....and tried to complete the cake in time.


Precious Moments said...

wow another order. great job! keep it up. am happy for you.

gladcake said...

my dear friend, this is not an order.... just making it for someone with thought :)


Biow said...

wah.. so pretty and sweet!

Gracio said...

this is really pretty! :)