Thursday, September 21, 2006

Castle Cake

Have wanted to try out castle cake and finally I get the chance to do it. Very long hours..... and the birthday girl likes blue, hence have all the window blue.

My children wanted me to add in Maple Story characters, so I used my free time to make a few Maple Story figurines for my kids to place them on the cake (they are two more characters not shown which were given to the birthday girl's sister for them to place on the cake).


Gracio said...

glad, u're good! Like this castle cake to bits! :)

Biow said...

wow.. this is so pretty!

where u got the ideas from?

gladcake said...

Thanks gracio and biow for your comment.

Biow, I copied this from my book (but didn't follow all).

Biow said...

what book is that? can recommend me.. :P

gladcake said...


It is Carol Daecon's "Perfect party cakes made easy".

Biow said...