Saturday, March 05, 2011

Humpback whale, Dory and Nemo

I was searching from internet for whale's picture in Nemo movie... oh boy, hardly any (spent hours in looking for it). In the end, I decided to use Humpback whale as a guide to mould it.... hip hip hooray, am really happy to see how the whale turns out with his blowhole (I think can't see it clearly in my picture) and different shade of colour for it's body. Since Dory and whale to be the main characters, hence Nemo is left swimming behind Dory :)

Happy Birthday in advance Joel!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Glad! Joel simply loved it!!! and not to mention all my guests found your cake tasty too. Expect more orders coming your way. Thanks once again!

Glad said...

Hi J,

Thanks for taking time to feedback here, appreciate that :)

Glad to hear that apart from cake design, the taste of cake is satisfactory too :)

Thank you.