Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lego pieces cake for Cheyne

This is one of the many cakes that I'm looking forward to make.... tho extra hours are needed to carve and cover them one by one with different shade of colours, I truly enjoy the process .... I particularly like the numeric 1 with lego design which I put the dots one after another (thank you to the good hot weather, else the numeric 1 will not stand upright) and the freehand moulded Mickey (love it). The not so satisfying piece is the brown figurine behind the little boy.....can you guess what it is..... does it look like a 'toy bear' to you ?... (haha there is a story behind it). While preparing those figurines, I suddenly have this urge to make the car from milk bottle (I like it too).... All lego pieces are cakes.


DnS said...

haha everyone guess is bear...u did it lolx!! i also super love the nO. 1 n the milk bottle...they r all in my fridge is super thumbs up for ur too yummy!!!!!!!

Glad said...

Phew!Wiped away 'cold sweat" (haha)! Thanks for your time to write the feedback here, am really glad to hear that :) But the two small tiny lego pieces cake without any choc filling, not so nice lor.... I'm happy that I used up all the cake without any cake wastage :)