Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pooh with Darby and friends

Julianne's mom likes this cake that I made sometime back (click on the link to view the earlier cake).... and I told her I will try to do as closed as possible. She also requested for Darby (and thank god, she attach a picture of Darby in her email, which really helps a lot as I do not know who this Darby is... thank you). Have added the pink flowers behind to add a little touch for girl's cake. The empty space in front of the honey pot is 'reserved' for her No 3 candle.


LouLou said...

I would never dare to eat them... :)
... such a shame... it may have taken a lot of time to do them!!!

Glad said...

Hi LouLou. Thanks for your time. Most people will not eat those figurines as those who feedback to me were saying that it's to nice to be eaten :) You are right that it takes quite a lot of time to make them :)