Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mickey clubhouse

I modified Mickey clubhouse cake design from internet (many has done something like this before.... I really wish to thank the first person who came out with this brilliant way of making mickey clubhouse design, fantastic idea!). To make it looks a bit like in the park, I have added some trees behind the mickey & minnie. All the little tiny mickey & friends figurines were provided by Vladen's mom (am glad that I get to make Vladen's cake as I did his older's brother's first birthday cake too). Thank you :)

Happy Birthday Vladen and enjoy your party tomorrow!

Btw, I will be away tomorrow morning and will not be attending to mails during my absent, sorry for that.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Glad! i'm so interested on this cake that you made .. it's really beautiful! my baby girl is turning 1 on May 2 .. what's the lead time for ordering this cake? also, we can make abit of changes on the design if we want to, right? lastly, how much does this cost? hope to hear from you .. thanks! -Jolly (

Glad said...

Hi Jolly. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've sent your an email.

Gloria said...

Hi Glad,

I wants to order the mickey mouse cake & can i check for 2kg? I really love after seeing the pics... Can i check for the pricing too...

Thanks & Rgds
Christina (

Glad said...

Hi Christina, have emailed you :)

Ping said...

Hi Ms Glad... i am interested on this cake. my boy loves to watch mickey mouse clubhouse and loves mickey mouse.
So decided to give him a mickey mouse birthday when he turns 1.
Would like to know the lead time for ordering this cake. The cost and whether able to change abit of design if we want to.
my email is
Thank you so much.

Glad said...

Hi Ping. Have replied you vide email. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glad,
i'm so interested with this mickey mouse cake. i've been thinking to use this cake for my son's bday party in july.can i have some info like the ordering time,price,and the minimum size for this cake?
hope to hear from you..

Ester (

Glad said...

Hi Esther,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Am sorry that I'm not available in July. Thank you :)

noelle said...

hi, i would like to do something similar for my bb boy's 1st bday. he's turning 1 in Sep and the cake needs to be cater for est 660 pax.
pls advise cost and lead time for ordering this cake. Tks.


Anonymous said...

Hi..Its really a great pleasure to browse thru all the cakes you;ve made..i quite interested on this cake too..and wonder if you could send me an email for all the details like pricing, etc? do you have any design of cakes like dibo the gift dragon?

Glad said...

Noelle & Sharon,

Have sent you an email :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Glad,

I am interested in the cake for my boy's december 20 birthday age 2. May I know the price for 2 kg and also how many days in advance I have to place the order?


Glad said...

Hi, have sent you an email. Am sorry that I'll be away.

minnie said...

hi how is ur charge?? im interested in mickey mouse theme czn send me thanks

Catrin said...

Hi Glad,

I love your Mickey Clubhouse theme designs..they are works of art..:-)

My gal loves mickey mouse and I'm thinking of using this theme for her coming 3rd birthday party..(12th March).

Kindly advise if you can accommodate as it was mentioned on your blog you will not b baking fm 12th-20th March..:-( and its pricing...( 2kg or 3kg )


Catrin (

Glad said...

Hi Catrin. Thanks for visiting my blog. Am sorry that I'm not available. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi glad i really love your designs and I'm really interested about this cake after seing it I would like to know if I could place an order for my son he's turning one this Oct 3rd and roughly how much and I wanna ask if u making cupcakes with Mickey and friends design too. Thank you..

Glad said...

Sorry not for sales ^.^