Saturday, April 10, 2010

PM with Bear Friends

A cake that I enjoy myself throughout the whole making process despite the long hours I put in to add cut out fence for both top and bottom tiers (cake size is 10"+6"), make the little tiny bears on name (I am really pleased with how this turned out) and the rest of details. Nothing much was requested by Olivia's mom, she just told me she leave everything to me to decide (from the colour of cake to the overall design) but with only one small request, ie to have ONE bear (and she briefly mentioned my previous PM cake with a Pooh bear... that's why a Pooh bear is on top tier driving a mini car). I guess I was carried away when making this and added those tiny tiny bears on the alphabets (they are really tiny and I find them 'cute'). Olivia is really a pretty and cute girl.


Anonymous said...

Glad, I simply love the design. You had done a very great job that is far out of my expectation (cos of my limited request to you :p). All my frens & relatives commented that the design is very nice, including my husband! Thanks once again for the hardwork. =)

Olivia's Mummy, Violet

Glad said...

Hi Violet,

Am really glad to receive your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to do so. All the extra was done as I do have time to do so and besides you leave everything to me, so there is no restriction for me to do the extra (hehe). Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glad, we are interested in this cake, can we know how much it cost and how big is the cake? My boy is turning 2 in June, so the figurine can be a boy right? Please email me at your convenience. My email is Thank you. Sunny.

Glad said...

Hi Sunny, I've sent you an email. Thank you :)