Monday, January 04, 2010

Pooh & Piglet in cloud 9

I enjoy making this cake. Jovinia's mom P let me design the cake (all she told me was Pooh theme with one tier light pink and another tier any colour.... from the previous emails). I notice that she did mention the cake I made which has cloud on it.... hence I made the clouds for Jovinia :)


Kelly said...

I have found you blog on the internet and wanted to tell you I thought you cakes where fantastic. Your characters always look fantastic and I love the font you use for your lettering.
Have you ever thought about doing tutorials on your characters, I bet you would get a massive following.
Look forward to seeing even more fantastic cakes.
Kind Regards

Glad said...

Hi Kelly. Thanks for your kind comments. Have no plan in making any tutorials (not sure if I will in future or not....) I really enjoy making these cakes :)

Thank you!