Monday, July 27, 2009

Vanessa's PM with farm animals

I love all the Pm figurines when I got them with the candle from SL especially the top PM figurine. SL let me decide on the design. Since there's goose with little PM on top, so I made the smaller version goose at the side of the bottom cake together with a cow (since Vanessa is born in year of ox) and pig with sheep at the rear of the cake.


edith said...

KH, check this out.

Love looking at your creation. We will catch up for breakfast after our kids' PSLE. Good luck.

Glad said...

Hi Edith.... yes yes breakfast when the kids are in school is great! Keep in touch ya... All the best to your boy's PSLE.


edith said...

you too for your gal. Will buzz you once exam is over. By then, we can let our hair down. hahahaha

Glad said...

Haha, I have already let my hair down all this while... not so on like you lar.