Sunday, July 12, 2009

Barney for Renee

Time flies... it has been a year past since I made Renee's garden cake last year. I still remember last year I worked till mid-night to complete all the cuppies and cake. Renee's mom specially requested for the name on presents and with lots of tiny hearts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glad

Renee & her little cousins were so excited & happy when they saw the birthday cake coz they're fans of Barney & friends. Though the cake is gone (digested in our tummy) but i still keep the figurines in my fringe. Thanks again for yr excellent creation.


Glad said...

Hi JL,

Am really glad to hear that :) Now that Renee is older, she will understand more. Hope you have an enjoyable holidays in Singapore!

CooLava said...

Oh i love this but how come barney is blue and not purple?

Emily said...

I love the design, but how come barney is not purple colour?

Glad said...

Hi CooLava & Emily (same person??). Barney is purple and not blue, maybe is picture quality.

Glad said...