Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nicole's PM cake

I simply adore all the PM figurines, they are just lovely and sweet. Nicole's mom got the same PM figurine and same No 1 candle (it's Huge) as the one she got for her older daughter's 1 year old celebration (what a sweet and thoughtful mom). I didn't have to think of the cake design, she told me what she wants from the cakes in my blog :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Glad,

its me again.. visiting ur blog. :):) any idea where to get such BIG NUMBER 1 Candle? kekeke..

Ivy Ng

Glad said...

Hi Ivy. I have no idea where Nicole's mom got this BIG candle. I must said it's really huge as compared to other numeric candle that I've seen. Sorry not much of help here.