Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Family

I was asked to do something related to Man U and with a Happy Family of three plus the favourite computer. Being a supportive wife, I let her wear Man U Tee (same as her hubby).


Anonymous said...

i like!! :)


do u offer bakery lesson? :):)

Glad said...

Hi Ivy. Am glad that you like it. Am sorry that I do not offer any bakery nor moulding lesson.

Anonymous said...

Hi Glad

Sorry for the late thanks.

Thanks for this cake that you made for us. really love it.. looking forward to ordering another one for my little one when she turns 3 in march. Do advise me when i have to start to place order when i need the cake in early March.

Once again thanks alot.


Glad said...

Hi Janicia. Am glad to hear that you like the cake. As for your daughter's cake in March next year, perhaps you would like to drop me an email to let me know more eg date you need it, cake size and design.... there's some dates in March I've blocked for others (:

Anonymous said...

hi Glad... this cake design really suits what i'm looking for. It's for my hubby's 30th birthday, this 27 March. the difference is that we're family of 4 (2 sons!) & that my hubby loves playing video games (ps3, wii, xbox). heehee...
do inform me if you can take the cake order & the price too... Btw, i don't need a big cake, we're having a family celebration only. thanks so much in advance ;)

Glad said...


Am really really sorry, just read your comments (don't know why it went to spam comments and I did not notice), my apologies.

Sorry that I'm not able to do the cake. Thanks for asking.

Happy Birthday to your hubby :)