Saturday, May 02, 2009

Baby P. Moment

I was asked to make something similar to ERLYNA'S CAKE with very little modification and colour theme to be in pink, white and purple. Since party is Pooh theme, so I added a hand moulded Pooh next to the Precious Moment figurine (P.M figurine was provided by Rachel's mom). I simply love this sweet looking cake.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glad,

have sent an email to u in regards to ur cake..

they look so lovely.. pls reply me at my email:

i;m interested in this design.. do we have to include the figurine ourselves?

Glad said...

Thanks for your kind words. Apparently I've replied all my emails and do not seems to see any from your email address. Nonetheless I've sent an email to you :)

Yes, the PMoment figurine was provided by Rachel's mom.