Sunday, December 28, 2008

Piglet and friends

Something similar to Elmo and Piglet cake I made before just a little modification..... the empty space next to Piglet is reserved for No 1 Pooh candle to be placed by Chloe's mom. They are some cuppies to go with the main cake.

Another Piglet and friends cake... design is mixture of cakes that I had done before. "E" emailed me her sketch (she's very good with her drawing, wish I can sketch too.... besides she's really young and pretty). The No 1 candle will be placed in between Tigger, Eeyore and butterfly. Cuppies design is to match the main cake theme.


Nyeshia's mummy said...

Hi Glad,
Thanks for the lovely cake.
My guests love it, many still asked if it's real and edible?
The celebration was a success and the cake plays a big part : )

Glad said...

Am so glad to hear this, my best rewards for making cakes :)

You make my day! Yipee!

Thank you very much.