Saturday, April 26, 2008

Faith's 1st celebration-- updates....

..... updated with the new pictures forwarded by Faith's mom, "J". Thanks so much "J" for your time.

I'm on cloud 9 now ...... am so happy to get the positive feedback from "J", this is my best rewards. Thank you, thank you : )


Kellie said...

YEAH !! finally see them all sitting nicely on their homes .. hahaha .., I love the letters ., so nice !

Glad said...

Thanks Kellie.

dlim said...


Saw your blog & I love all the cakes design. They r so lovely! Are u able to take in my order for either 6/7 March 2010?

I will be celebrating both my girl - 1 year old & boy - 3 years old birthday.

How much is the 2nd pict of the pooh cake? Im looking for 1 pooh cake for my girl & 1 mickey mouse cake for my boy.

Doreen LIM

Glad said...

Hi Doreen. Glad to note that you loved those cakes posted in my blog. Would appreciate if you could drop me an email at