Monday, July 16, 2007

Elmo ..... Surprise!!!

9" + 6" round cakes covers with whipping cream.


Ryan Lee said...

Hi Glad,
This is Ryan's Mummy. Thanks for making such a nice and cute lovely cake. Ryan likes it so much, he keeps pointing to the figurines and smile, and when I ask him where is elmo, he will look at the big elmo immediately. Cutting Cake time, he only interested in touching his elmo....hahaha...!! My guests and my family members (including me) all commented that the cake taste yummy. Thanks very much, we all like the cake very much.

gladcake said...

Hi "J",

Great to hear that you all especially Ryan like the cake. Thanks for giving me this valuable feedback. Appreciate it very much.

diana said...


I am interested in this cake for my granddaughter's birthday this October and would appreciate to know if I can place an order. Thanks!

gladcake said...

Hi Diana,

Perhaps you could drop me an email at