Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Chloe's Pooh Picnic cake

Bottom cake is 10" round cake instead of usual 9". Cakes cover with whipping cream except for the table cloth from sugar paste.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glad
My name is Esther. I hv been visiting your blog thru Baking Mum. I find that you r really talented in making such beautiful and yummy cakes. u learn cake baking before? U have your own bakery shop? M just curious. :p

gladcake said...

Hi Esther,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I took a couple of baking lessons before and I do not own a bakery shop. Cake decorating is my passion, I do that out of my free time.

janette said...

May I kindly pls know where you learn your baking lesson?
Your work is simply awesome!!!
Also how much would it cost to make the cake? My daughter will definately love it very much..

Sophia said...

Hi Glad,

I am wondering where you get your ideas? Is there a book I can purchase to learn it myself. What kind of tools do you have to make them so uniform in size?


gladcake said...

Hi Janette & Sophia,

Sorry for the late respond.

Janette, I learnt basic baking lesson from Community Centre, the rest are self experiment. I do take cake order when time permits, do drop me an email if you are interested (gladcake@yahoo.com.sg).

Sophia, I have a couple of cake decorating books and some I borrow from library. For this cake design, you may want to refer to "the essential guide to cake decorating" published by Murdoch Books. The design is pretty similar one in this book, I replaced the beers with Pooh & friends and those stuffs on the table.