Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fondant fairy

Made the above as cake topper for my friend. Both her daughters are having combined birthday party.


Biow said...

will she make a toad stool (cendawan?) cake to place the fairies? or a castle?? so lovely to hv girls..

marcella said...

Hi, chance upon your blog and I must say you're a very talented person! :)

What's the range of your creation? and do you take order? wld like to know more

gladcake said...

Biow, by now you would have seen the decorated fairy cake huh :)

Hi marcella,

Thanks so much for your comment. Yes I do take order when time permits. There are many designs that I'd love to try out, of course there are some that I know is gonna be too challenging for me.... I'm actually open to suggestions and we can try to work that out :)

Cella said...

that's great! :) maybe I can have your email so that I can provide you with more info?

oh, btw, it's Marcella.
(I log in with my gmail account)

gladcake said...

Hi marcella,

My email address is