Friday, March 16, 2007

Doggie world

Made extra cupcakes to go with party theme.... Birthday cake is chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and cover with sugar paste. It weighs slightly more than 3 kg.


YUMYUM said...

Hi Glad,

A note to say you are really a terrific person and me & my hb really loves the cake you have done for us.

Sweet-tots said...

Hi Glad,

Wow! So cute esp. those little doggies & bones on the cup cakes. U nvr fail to amaze us!

gladcake said...


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make the cake. Glad to note that both you and your hubby like it.


Thanks for your comment.

Shyen said...


I would like to hv u do a cake for my son, how can I go about doing it? Your charges? How to contact u? Thanks!

gladcake said...

Hi shyen,

Perhaps you can drop me an email at to discuss further as to when you need the cake, the design, flavour etc.


mong29 said...

I am very impressed with your work!! Where did you learn it from?

I esp. love the carriage with Cinderella peeping out.

gladcake said...

Hi Mong29,

Thanks for your comment. For sugar paste moulding, I learn a lot from referring to books borrowed from library.