Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blue Dinosaur

This is one friendly and happy dinosaur. I enjoy making this so much :)


Biow said...

u'r truly talented.. how u make the neck long long ah?

gladcake said...

Hi Biow,

The neck is made of sugar paste :)

yochana said...

Oh dear Glad,

Long time never browse through your blog already and wah....becoming more and more professional ...Good work..Keep it up. Thumbs up!!

BTW, I still like the bag and shoes..

lynntan said... amazing. how much you charged for a cake. thinking of ordering a barney cake in Jan'07. :p

gladcake said...

Hi lynntan,

I've email you liao :)

Thank you.

gladcake said...

Hi Yochana,

Thanks so much :)

siew ching said...

Great! Thanks so much for the cake bake for Sean. Wow, hasn't visited the site for a short while, already seen so many nice cakes. Truly interesting.. Good job, keep it up, cheers!