Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Anniversary Cake

Today is our 17th anniversary, how time flies. Had a chat with my friend J last week and got the idea of making wedding bells for this anniversary cake. Thanks J.

The two eggs in the nest are fruits of our love (my 2 kids). Thanks to dh who has been so loving, caring.... he's an excellent husband and father.

Not forgetting to thank my friend 'L' for the cake, I didn't bake this cake, she baked it and I just decorated it.


Gracio said...

happy anniversary, Glad! :)

Biow said...

wow.. 17 years!!
like so long ya?

congrats! and happy anniversary.

Precious Moments said...

happy anniversary!

Sweet-tots said...

A belated Happy Anniversary! And may you & your family have many more happy years together.

gladcake said...

Thanks for all your well wishes :)