Wednesday, July 25, 2012

F1 Red Bull Team for Joshua

Made this cake last week....  Did Disney car theme cake for Joshua's brother (ie Cayden)  in May 2012 (click link here to view Cayden's cake).  It's really nice of Joshua's mom to leave the entire design to me from cake colour to design (was only told that the theme should be F1 and Joshua likes Red Bull team).  Since the brother's cake is red, I thought I shouldn't have the whole cake red then....

This picture was sent by Joshua's mom.  I like the background .... isn't it COOL?  Thank you C for sending this picture as well as cake picture with Joshua :)  I notice that the driver is seated in this picture and ready to Zooooooooooooom.


Anonymous said...

omg how on earth do you make this?! I want to make a redbull racing car cake for my dad's birthday and i've been practising to make sure it's just right, but this is fantastic! truly the best i've seen online.
Can I ask is it made of sugarpaste? and how did you create the bull?


Glad said...

Hi JustJade,

Sorry for the late reply here. Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, it's made of sugarpaste and I used edible red ink to write on sugarpaste.

Happy Birthday to your dad!!