Monday, March 12, 2012

Dinosaurs Land

Zaahid's mom told me all she wanted is dinosaurs theme and she said I can do anything with the cake.  I moulded the dinos bigger than usual size figurines.  Instead of stacking up all three cakes I decided to carve the cakes and create a scene as if the dinosaurs are running away from the volcano.  Cake size is supposed to be 10"+7"+5" round cakes but I upsized it to 10"+7"+6" round cakes.  Thank you "R" for the butter cookies and chocolate :)


Zaakh said...

Thanks a lot Glad.

The cake was a perfect treat for Zaahid and he loved it.

Got a lot of rave reviews for the cake.
I'm proud that my son got an opportunity to have a cake created by you...
Do always keep up the good work!! Raji

Glad said...

Hi Raji,

Thanks so much for the feedback.

Glad to hear that you all like the cake :) A BIG thank you to you for all your encouraging words before making the cakes and your trust for leaving all to me :)