Monday, September 27, 2010

Jovin Park & Clubhouse

Updates with the new pictures I received from Jovin's mom (if you notice there are some flowers added to the cake board, this was done after I've taken the cake picture earlier and didn't snap any picture after sweet of Jovin's mom ot send me this, Thank you). Pls note that the cupcakes were not made by me (I've stopped making cupcakes since last year due to time constraints).

This is the second time I made clubhouse theme where the bottom tier design was original created by someone else that I do not who (once again full credits go to the brilliant creator of this, a big Thank you to him/her).

All the plastic figurines were provided by Jovin's mom. I added some additional details like the arch, mickey head with numeric 1 and candle, etc.

Btw, wish to highlight here that if anyone need bright colour like the RED in this cake, cover cake board with fondant, 3D standing name, pls indicate and let me know in advance as these requires additional time :)


Amy said...

luv it!

Glad said...

Glad to hear that :)