Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eeyore with BMW convertible

This is a very busy week for me...... sometime back (ie after I've indicated in my blog that I'll not available in May) and this lady "A" approached me.... for whatever reason, the request was accepted and her only request is 8"+6" two tier round cakes with only ONE Eeyore on the cake (thanks for her understanding that I may not have time to do more moulding eventho' I was told that Gyver loves BMW). I managed to find sometime and some last minutes moulding to add in the extra BMW convertible and the two Eeyores holding numeric '21' to represents Gyver's age (notice that the design is more serious this time as it's meant for 'adult' celebration). Also covered the cake board to have more classy look.

Happy 21st Birthday Gyver! Wish you all the best when you are abroad!

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