Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby Pooh for Kayla

I'm really grateful and happy to take up the challenge.... I'm free to do anything from the colour to the design as long as it's baby pooh theme, sweet and girly. Thanks for the trust. I spent hours in doing this cake (really long hours).... by the time I finished the cake, I was really tired. I apologies to those I have not attended to your emails....

I'm happy with how the cake turns out. Sweet... time spent is well worth it :)


Li Shan said...

Hi Glad,
Your cake really look beautiful and cute. And the colour is nicely coordinated. Where did you get all these inspiration. Also wanna ask what course are you offering so maybe one day can learn from you.

Glad said...

Hi Li Shan,

Thanks for your kind words. Actually inspiration can get from everyway and anytime.... I'm sorry that I do not offer any course, am self taught. I believe everyone can do that as long as there is passion and time to explore.