Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ian's Jungle animals

I do not upload duplicate cake designs nowadays (since there is no change in colour or design of cake) but this is exceptional.... as I like it very much. I was allowed to have very minor changes to the earlier jungle animals cake I made. Those minor changes are face of giraffe and lion, hippo's posture, crocodile and effect of water (sounds like a lot of changes but all are very minor). Hope you are not bored with this duplicate picture.... oh ya, No 1 candle is not included.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glad, thanks again for the wonderful cake!

Our guests oohed and ahhed at the cute animals and loved the chocolate cake inside.. it was delicious!
It was everything we hoped for.. and made our son's birthday perfect :)

Kudos to you!!


Glad said...

Hi Sherrie, thanks so much for taking time to send me this feedback. You make my day! Yipee!