Monday, June 23, 2008


Was asked to make it as girly as possible as it's for Jana. Squirral was crossing the road and oh no.... car is coming, tortoise was shocked looking at worry, car has slowed down for it to cross safely.


anne low said...

Hi Glad dear,

Remember this Mamaanne? I loved your car series... My son is turning 2 next month... need your service again to bake him a lovely cake. Will you be to bake for him on the 12 or 13 Jul? You still got my contact right?

Glad said...

Hi Anne,

Sorry just saw your message...was busy lately.

Yes, yes I remember you (hehe), you keep those figurines in office that last very long.... how can I forget :)

Time flies, so fast one year liao. I will email you....thanks for asking :)

anne low said...

you know wat, the dog tat is still in my office is still doing fine!! only colour slightly lighter.. hehehe... i often come in to view your creation.

Glad said...

Oh ya, the dog still doing fine after almost a year.... wow, your office air-cond must be super strong. The fading of colour could be due to lights in office.