Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pink Bow and Daisy

I'm free to do whatever I like, what I need to provide is something sweet, have rabbit (special request) and fairy. Here's what I came out with, a little fairy, a small rabbit got stuck in the log, also added a big pink bow at the bottom of cake. It's a 9" + 6" two tier cake covered with sugar paste. Am glad that both mummy and daughter like the cake :)


mother hen said...

Hi, I can't seem to reach you through the email. Just wondering if you are available for a birthday cake order on april 9 or 10.

Glad said...

Hi, sorry to hear that. Am busy lately and unable to attend to some emails.... or it could be some problem with my YAHOO email account ( which I encountered lately. Do you mind to leave your email add here and I shall reply accordingly.

Thank you.